Let me take 5 minutes of your time and share a wonderful story about my internship experience at Web Factory these past 3 months. If you decide to apply here, it will be one of the best decisions you’ve ever made. Let me elaborate and surely convince you to make the right choise.

I’ll start with the interview itself. When I first entered the building, everybody was really nice and welcoming, this feeling is something that remained the same ever since. The interview itself wasn’t scary and it felt quite comfortable. Here at Web Factory, the most valuable skill you could have is knowing the basic principles of programming and eagerness to learn and improve. Because that’s the starting point of any role. Firstly they checked my object oriented knowledge for the most part, and asked me a few additional questions about the Front End role I was applying for. If you wanna have a fighting chance make sure you remind of yourself of OOP principles before applying and don’t focus too much on a particular technology.

Even though I didn’t perform the best on the interview, I still got an offer to join their team and improve alongside them. And that’s how it all started. My first impressions of the company were very positive. They have a great atmosphere for working/learning and what matteres the most IMO is that everybody was friendly and social. It really felt like I was adopted by a big family, rather than joined a company as an intern.

Angular is God here, and as I started learning it I slowly understood why. We are always working on the lastest version and keep up with the rapid paced front-en ecosystem. Angular itself implies that you are going to use Typescript, hence the OOP skills really do come in handy.
Initially you are given a demo project that you should complete and while doing so you really learn thoroughly how things work. You can take as much time as you need to complete it, there is no pressure whatsoever and that is the most crucial part that makes your best come out of you. You are also assigned a great mentor which is there to guide you and help you out. And you can ask them or anyone else for that matter, anything you need. Everyone will take time to help you out and explain anything you have trouble with.

After my first month I managed to finish the demo project and shortly after I was given a chance to join a team and work on a real project, where I learned a lot. Starting it form beginning, I got to see how a team starts off, how they think and plan ahead for possible conerns/problems that might come up, how they organize the architecture of the project and a whole lot more. Things like this, you don’t get to experience them anywhere else, and college can’t prepare you for this. Especially the daily meetings and the actual Agile methodology is really noticable. I’m really grateful for this chance, and it will be one of the best experiences I’ve had here.

The last 2-3 weeks, I had some ‘free’ time and was given a chance to work on some personal projects I had and bring them to life. This helped me improve my coding skills for some areas I perosnally wanted to know more of. And hopefully I’ll launch them live soon enough. All in all I learned so much here that I couldn’t on my own, and I feel more confident about my skills and my future.

During all my time here, I still had the flexibility to visit my classes in pararell with work, also if you ever need to preapre for midterms, you can take some days of and focus on that. Everyone here wants to see you prosper and help you advance as a person.


Here at Web Factory, we have really flexible work time and you choose when you come to work, as long as you do your part. Team atmosphere strives, knowledge is promoted and happines guaranteed. Honesty and openness is what everyone relies on. If you have ideas, proposals, concerns or anyting that comes to mind, you can feel free to communicate it and everyone will listen to you.

Did I mention the fridays afterwork, where we always end up drinking or going out. The comfortable sofas and kitchen where you can relax and eat your lunch in peace. A personal favourite is the music and music taste that’s played inside the offices that really makes you feel like you are at home. And a whole lot more that you should come and see for yourself!

So what are you waiting for?

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